account recovered to SOMEONE ELSE

account recovered to SOMEONE ELSE

Postby richardwalter on Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:11 am

Hello Guys,

My account was hacked last week - I've already gone through the list of possibilities and likely it was due to being on someone's friends list that was hacked because none of the other likely events occurred. After sending a request to c2u and many emails including screen shots of purchases and the email notifying the hacker changed the associated email from another hemisphere, I got notice the account was recovered. TO SOMEONE ELSE.

I'm beyond angry. The info c2u asks for specificly asks for your email and ID so I don't understand why they would recover the account to anything other than the ID and email that I provided. Especially as they repeatedly corresponded with me at that email. I provided the last bit of requested info the day before the account was recovered. And their follow up response was not only that the account was recovered to someone else but now that it has been it cannot be recovered again.

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