Rerolling Hunter, Level Suggestion and such please

Rerolling Hunter, Level Suggestion and such please

Postby rolandbaker on Thu May 25, 2017 11:43 pm

OK everyone, last time I actively played Hunter was when Worgen were new. I boosted that one to 100 (still something I think I shouldnt have done, but whatever) but I kinda just don't get it .. so probably starting anew to get back into the class is the best thing.

I took a Draenei currently just dinged level 9.

Now Let us come to my questions and stuff:

Since early on, I don't have THAT much storry (if I remember right) I want to fast track my exping where possible.
I probably wont have the gold for that exp potion, but have (I think) all exp+ herilooms. What other, but rested bonus, options are there?

Which is the best way to go for maximum on fun and exp progress? For leveling and learning handling the Hunter, which is the best spec?
The hunter leveling guide I remember from this page is 100-110. The 1-99 guides I found were ... well I only found 1-70 guides oddly enough (google seems to act like bing to me though)

Which route to go if I also want to have some awesome story? I guess the real story part begins with WotLK... at least I can't remember real story progression in Classic and BC that is in any way relevant again

Is it still a thing as last time I played, that certain pet types were better or worse for this and that dungeon? Like, dont take bears, they are to tanky, use a spider here, a cat there, a rhino here and so on?

Anything a returning Hunternoob might need to know ... and yeah I know, pullt all the things with multishot allway, or else I am not a "true" hunter xD

Please Help.
Thanks !

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