New to Hunting: What Rifle and Scope?

New to Hunting: What Rifle and Scope?

Postby richardwalter on Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:08 am


So I'm new to hunting and there are a few main questions I have. I like tactical rifles such as my ar-15 because of the looks and adjustable stock. So
1. Can I use tactical rifles such as my ar-15 for hunting? (I know you have to use specific caliber depending on what you're hunting) I like tactical rifles because of the whole rail system and adjustable stock.
2. Can hunting rifles have adjustable stocks? Every hunting rifle I've seen have fixed stocks.
3. Are use of magazines allowed in hunting?
4. Is there a limit to how much rounds can be loaded into each magazine?
5. My budget is $2000-2500, is there any rifles you would recommend especially for a beginner in hunting?

Here are some examples Examples of 2d animated videos
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