Tips to Help Beginning Hunters Put Meat on the Table

Tips to Help Beginning Hunters Put Meat on the Table

Postby davidhill on Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:00 am

Hunting is a skill and hobby that all preppers should attempt to try. We can spend years stocking up on long-term storage food, but in a long term disaster scenario that food will run out at some point. Stockpiling can only be considered self-sufficient, while hunting truly can bring us closer to self-reliance.

Using hunting to put meat on the table is not only practical from a preparedness point of view, but it’s also one of my favorite hobbies. Lately I’ve been asked by several new hunters about how to get started or if there are any tips that we could share about hunting.

In today’s post we’ll go over 15 useful tips to help beginning hunters get started out in hunting and what they need to do to not only increase their chances of putting meat on the table, but to also stay safe.

Make sure someone knows where you are

It is vitally important that someone know where you are when you’re hunting. Every year, hundreds of hunters get lost in the woods. Exposure is the most common cause for hunting-related fatalities. Most of these fatalities could have been avoided had the hunter simply told someone where they were hunting or carried a GPS device.

Always carry a wilderness survival kit in the woods

It is extremely important to carry some sort of wilderness survival kit when out in the woods. No one ever thinks that they’ll get lost in the woods or suffer a hunting accident… until they do. Having a basic kit that can provide some food, water (and a way to sterilize water), tools to make fire, shelter material and a way to signal for help will significantly raise your odds for survival should the worst happen.

Understand scents

Game animals have an extremely keen sense of smell. In fact, masking your smell could be the difference between bringing home a hundred pounds of meat for the freezer and coming home with nothing.

You must keep this in mind, especially when hunting larger game like deer. Your scent can carry in the air for well over a mile, which will likely guarantee that you’ll come him empty-handed. There are hundreds of various scent control products on the market that can make your scent much harder to detect by animals.

Also, it should go without saying, but if you’re a smoker, don’t smoke while hunting. Cigarette smoke can travel for miles. If a game animal gets a sniff of smoke, not only will they avoid going into your area, but you are pretty much guaranteed to drive off every animal already in your area.

Don’t go overboard on gear

If you watch any of the popular hunting shows or visit nearly any hunting forum on the internet, you’re going to be bombarded with gear advertisements. Although having the right hunting gear is important, you don’t need to break the bank or carry things you don’t need. Keep your supplies limited to the essentials of what you need to bring back food and to stay safe.

Remember, hunting is something that has been done for thousands of years. We used to bring down big game animals that would make your 10 point buck look like a chicken wing in comparison….and we did it with sharpened sticks and stones. Find good deals on the bare necessities that you need to hunt and stay safe, but don’t go wild on the gear. You can always upgrade your gear later if you need to.

Safety is more important than meat
Most states offer some sort of hunters safety course that is ran by the Department of Natural Resources or Wildlife Service. It is a very good idea for new hunters to take this course before even thinking about picking up a weapon and going hunting.
The second most common reason for hunting fatalities is simple refusal to follow simple safety procedures. Most modern hunters use tree stands, which are great and will give you a huge advantage, especially if you’re bow hunting. These stands always come with a safety harness that’s used to prevent you from falling out of the tree.
Use it!

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