what I can do differently

what I can do differently

Postby davidhill on Wed Mar 15, 2017 2:17 am

Hey guys,
I am hunting in Brookings South Dakota area! I have been calling quite a few years and know quite a bit about the sport already. However, I could always learn more. So I have a bunch of private ground, and there is a lot of public ground I call on. I call all the time with little success! Every now and then I'll get a yote to come running but a majority of the time I get skunked! I know there are coyotes in the area because there tracks are lousy! Most of the private ground, nobody has permission but me! I feel like the coyotes are educated! I'm originally from Iowa and I hunt back there quite a bit also! I use the same call tactics/sequences as I do here and I have much more success back home! Any ideas on what I can do differently

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