A students answer to affording their snacks! Brought to you by TypoBounty.com

If you are a college student, you know what it means to have limited money to buy even the most basic things that you want and need.

Those "late night study sessions" really go by a lot smoother with snacks and refreshments to help one stay awake

College Students buy and need to buy a lot of:

     - Sodas,

     - Bottled Juice/Fruit Drinks/Lemonade,

     - Bottle Water, all types,

     - Coffee, prepared and not prepared,

     - Chip Snacks, Sports Drinks,

     - Packaged Baked Goods (e.g., cookies, cupcakes, brownies),

     - Granola/Nutrition Bars,

     - Candy Bars etc.

     - Pizza

     - Fast Food

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