If you have done email marketing before, you know the main problem with it. Most email marketing gets sent to the trash before it is ever read. So, you may purchase 100,000 emails but if only 300 get read, did you really get the value from that campaign? Somehow, this has become acceptable.

A 1,000 recipient TypoAdBlasts™ often out performs a 100,000 conventional email marketing campaign.

With conventional email marketing, you are limited to a 50 character subject line as the means of convincing recipients to open the email. In a today's saturated marketing environment, consumers are very savvy and no matter what you claim in the subject line, it's difficult to get them to open the email. Most emails are deleted, seconds after the recipient glances at the subject line ONLY. That's not value.

500 Users
10 Min. # of Errors
50 Max. Words
2000 Users
25 Min. # of Errors
100 Max. Words
5000 Users
30 Min. # of Errors
200 Max. Words
20000 Users
50 Min. # of Errors
500 Max. Words
100000 Users
100 Min. # of Errors
1000 Max. Words

TypoAdBlasts™ are different. Typo AdBlast™ Email Marketing is more powerful than ordinary email marketing because it doesn't depend on a witty subject line, It depends on every letter and word of your message. Your message becomes part of a huge game being played by our users. They want your email and want to read every word you have to say.

Your message holds the reader's attention because in order to win the game, they have to understand what you are saying. How cool is that?

Elevated click-through rates, elevated attention levels, longer "on ad" stay times by internet users with online money accounts all equate to a greater opportunity to communicate your message and/or sell more products.

I repeat.....TypoAdBlasts™ are emails that are part of a game that our users play.

They want to open and read every word of your email message to them. You simply hide a few errors in your ad to play the game with them and the game is on! They catch the full impact of your sales pitch while having a good time doing it. Don't just email market your message, product or service, TypoAdBlast™ it!

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