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It may be true that charity starts at home but these days, the Internet is a close second. Whether your organization is a charity or a church, you owe it to your organization to make TypoDonations™ an integral part of your fund-raising efforts. Through the TypoDonations™ process, you can better capitalize on your supporter's desire to give. Watch the video!

How? There is a new Internet standard brewing. Internet surfers are becoming less tolerant of errors on websites and are becoming more vocal through the Typo Bounty Movement™ (?). Website owners are seeking to eliminate errors from their websites and they need help finding them. They are willing to pay those individuals that spot and report the error to them first.

Quite simply, as your members conduct their personal business online and notice errors such as misspelled words, poor grammar, incorrect punctuation etc., they can report them and earn money for doing so. They can have the money generated from their reports sent directly to your organization's paypal account.

Currently, your organization's supporters can only give a portion of what they have and that sacrifice takes away from their household budget. Through TB, your supporters can donate money earned from just being observant while they surf the worldwide web. There are trillions of website errors online. With an average of $2.00 each being paid for them, a single supporter or church member can provide thousands of dollars per year to your cause.

To spread the word about your church or charity raising money on, simply email your supporters or make copies of these flyers and hand or mail them out to your supporters. Flyer For Charities      Flyer For Churches

To take advantage of this new fundraising opportunity, your organization simply needs to create a Free Fundraiser Account with us and then tell all of your supports via your website, your newsletters and the above flyers to help your organization raise money through They will set up their Free Hunter Account and designate your cause (via your account#) as the cause that they want their donations to go to. You then sit back and watch the donations roll in. Watch The Video!


Step One: Create a FREE Fundraiser Account and obtain DONATION ACCOUNT NUMBER.
Step Two: Tell your supporters about their ability to "donate without pain" on your website and newsletters. Or print and mail flyers to your supporters. (Remember to place your donation account number on your promotions. The donation account number will be used to direct your supporter's donations to your organization.)