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Stop Paying $70 - $100 per hour for proofreading services. Just pay for errors that are found. You can add your website or document to and only pay for the mistakes found in your document. is a great website clean up service.

We have a large community of people that will review your content for any errors you want hunted down.

Just indicate what types of help you want and the errors you want identified.

Get your document or website proof read and cleaned up without spending a fortune. It's basically free.

By "Free", we mean you DO NOT have to pay for being listed on for one month. However, you will have to pay the bounty amount for valid errors that are found and reported to you.

Normal proofreading services costs can reach higher than $100 per hour. Some proofreading services even charge by the word.

That can get very expensive. You could end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for each of your documents being proofread. Forget that!

Get your documents proofread on for a fraction of those costs. Just pay for where you messed up, not for all of your well written content.

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