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Small Business Owners!

We are turning online advertising on its head by making and keeping advertising affordable for small businesses like yours! Through the Typo Bounty Movement™ (?) on, internet users pay special attention to your message irrespective of the size of your businesses.

You want to grow your small business and make more money using your website. But do you know you have two major problems that are fighting your success and can kill that dream?

Problem One: Your website can't be perceived as typo tolerant. A study published by the BBC proves that a single typographical error on your website cuts your sales by 50%? And that 49% of internet users polled, admit leaving a website and changing their purchasing decision due to a website’s poorly written content?    

Oh…I know what you’re thinking. “Not my website.” Yes, your website too. It’s even happening to websites with full-time editors on staff. You can’t see it because you wrote it. But make no mistake, your potential customers see the errors and are making buying decisions based on that info. We send internet users to your website. Their intent is to help find, identify and report any types of error you specify. provides the necessary checks, preventions and handshakes necessary to make this interaction smooth and efficient. You gain cleaner content that works for your small business! So, We’ve Solved This Problem By Turning Any Mistakes You Make To Your Advantage!

Problem Two: Successfully increasing traffic to your website using pay per click advertising is harder and more expensive than ever. Bidding for keywords, being priced out of position, spending large amounts of money, and only seeing poor results is old-school. You need a cost effective way to experience increased website traffic for a fraction of the cost. Our online game drives internet users to your website that are willing to slow down, read more, stay longer and navigate through greater numbers of your website’s pages with their “buy-defenses” lowered. As they seek to identify any types of errors you specify, they catch the full impact of your sales pitch and know your product better than your competitor’s offerings. These visitors have money in online accounts and are primed for making impulse purchases. Show them what you have to offer! So, We’ve Solved This Problem By Charging One Low Flat Monthly Rate For Advertising!

Welcome to the ReadThrough Marketing Revolution™! It is the opportunity of a lifetime for small businesses with products priced within the hot price range. Through it, small businesses ban together on to get their fair share of attention online.

ReadThrough Marketing™ lets you eliminate the frustration of chasing keywords, getting low ROI, low click through rates, rising advertising costs, and being priced out of position. Add your small business to and help build something where your small business has the edge.

"ReadThrough Marketing™" defined - "ReadThrough Marketing™" is the technique of attracting and holding highly attentive website traffic by offering monetary rewards to consumers for reporting specified errors on digital properties. This technique's power originates in its ability to cause consumers to slow down and give full attention to sales pitches in their entirety prompting impulse buys and deep interactions with web properties. Watch The Video!

Look, you are experiencing clickthrough rates of less than 5%, and even lower conversion rates, you are not alone. Response rates to advertising banners are at an all-time low. Web surfer "ad blindness" is increasingly rendering most advertising banner ads useless in drawing customers. Don't believe me? Let me ask you a question. What were the banner ad topics on the last website you visited? Don't feel bad. You don't know because you have ad blindness too.

ClickThrough Rates and ReadThrough Rates™ of up to 70% to 90% and consumer's showing a willingness to read and digest every word of your sales pitch are powerful things. ReadThrough Marketing™ provides a low cost, high response marketing option for businesses.

How? Listen, consumers can't buy your product if they don't know about it and they can't know about it without reading about it. Through our online game, we guide the consumer to you and eliminate their reluctance to read and digest your product information. Then we allow you to feed them your sales pitch, website or document in its entirety. This provides your small business an excellent opportunity to secure an impulse buy. They can even use the money they earn playing the game as a TBoupon™ (our version of a coupon) for your product. They get a perceived bargain and you get paid in full.

Small businesses don't get priced out of position on Our users are playing a competitive game looking for typographical errors in your copy. Irrespective of whether your ad is on the 1st page or the 100th page, our users dig as a part of the game. They will come to your website and pay attention to everything you have to say.

The ReadThrough Marketing™ method was born from my frustration with low clickthrough rates, short visitor stay times, visitors skimming over my copy and the daunting task of making my copy powerful. I felt there had to be a better way and is it! Now, small businesses can take advantage of years of my frustration and research. Large businesses pay millions of dollars annually for the services small businesses get for FREE when they advertise on Basically, we actively seek to solve every problem your small business faces on the road to success. is a fun advertising game that allows advertisers to deeply interact with potential customers while gaining valuable and highly effective website services and benefits. The players of this game are real consumers with money to spend and are willing to listen to sales pitches in their entirety in exchange for the opportunity to advance in the game of helping websites succeed. They give their full attention in the game and gain solid knowledge of your website and product offerings for a very low price!

Only a limited number of small businesses will get the benefit of joining the ReadThrough Marketing Revolution™ at such low prices. Get in now to lock in pricing of Bounty ads before prices go up.

Stop going it alone! Be a part of this. Unite with other small businesses through to take back the right to be heard online. Use the power of this game to get your message out, and make the sales your small business needs. In this game, hunters seek to help you become a success by contributing to your website's professionalism in the areas you specify and they search for ways to create "Buzz" about your website. Choose the combination of game features that best fits the goals you have. Don't be left behind. Do it now!

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>> The Power of "ReadThrough Marketing™" <<

Through, your product's sales pitch gets heard, comprehended, proofread and perfected, your company's image polished, and your product's sells increased, your product and/or services receive exposure to real people with bulging online money accounts, irrespective of the size of your business and marketing budget. With, your ad does not interrupt web surfers. Web surfers come looking for your ad and want to read everything there is about what you offer on your website.

How long visitors stay on your website is dictated by how much you want to say to them, not by how flashy your website is. This provides you a true window to convince the visitor to buy. Unlike other advertising mediums, aims to empower businesses to gain "read-throughs", not just achieve click-throughs. offers so much more for your advertising and web development dollar! List your website on and your advertisement gets accepted, your sales pitch completely read and comprehended, your product remembered, and your website perfected for one low price. Isn't that the goal of every marketer?

In doing this, we don't just compete with other advertising mediums; we beat the pants off of them for a fraction of the cost. You're not alone. We are in your corner and are passionate about your success.
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You set the bounty price. You choose the number of payments to make per month. You choose the types of errors that you wish to eliminate from your website, marketing email, newsletter or other materials. Searchers review your site for errors and report them to you, giving you the opportunity to fix the errors before your image is damaged.

Because you set the "Error Bounty Amount" and the "Number of Payments" you're willing to make per month, you prevent yourself from being overwhelmed, should your materials contain large numbers of a specified type of error.
Choose to have your entire website cleaned up or just a single page.
For each report, you have the options to "Agree" (Pay), "Disagree" (Not Pay), and "Reject" (Not Pay And Penalize Reporter - This is only to be used to weed out any abusers of the system should they send erroneous information. Since, visitors must slow down and pay attention to your text in order to look for errors, VISITORS CATCH THE FULL IMPACT OF YOUR SALES PITCH!

Increase the amount of attention your visitors give your content by letting them know that you appreciate their visit enough to be error free. Read article about the value of services

Also, place the TypoBounty widget at the top of your website's home page and the (optional) declaration graphic at the bottom of your website's home page. You'll find the links to them inside the account you create.

NO More 10s of Thousands of Dollars For Lame Results!

NO More Limiting Your Website To Two Second Visits By Visitors!

NO More Wondering If Your Website's Content Reaches Your Visitors!

NO More Wasted Click-Throughs From People With No Money To Spend!

NO More Battling Better Funded Advertisers To Be Seen and Heard! Visitors Dig To The Bottom Of Our Site!

NO More Embarrassing Mistakes On Your Website!

NO More Wasted Hours Trying To Figure Out What Your Customers Think!

>>The Benefits of Using "ReadThrough Marketing™"<<

>> Advertising - Your ad is seen by the surfers of our website. You can place a link on our site and or a banner on our site to direct targeted traffic to your site.

>> Increased Readership Of Your Site and Communications - When your website or communication material is read by visitors from, they read the entire sales pitch. This grants you ample time to infuse them with more understanding of the details of your offer. Thus, they are more likely to purchase your products and accept your offerings.

>> Visitors With Money To Spend - The searchers that register with us and search our advertisers listings and sites, have money that is considered "extra cash" in online accounts that are suited for buying on the Internet. It is easier for them to part with money that they know they can replenish.

>> Targeted Website Traffic - Web surfers tend to be drawn to products and services that are of interest to them. Our website's categorized advertising areas allow our users to find just what they want.

>> Website Proofreading - Traffic that comes from our site, arrive at your site with the intention of making your site, business and offer better and increasing your site's professionalism. They report errors found on your website to you, allowing you to eliminate them. In the process of looking for errors on your site (spelling, punctuation, broken links, grammar, design, word flow, bugs, and much more), they read your entire offer very well. This reduces the tendency for visitors to skim over the valuable reasons why your product offer is so great!

>> Website Improvement Tips - Visitors to your site will look for ways to make your website more successful. Maybe your offer isn't clear or there is a discrepancy on your website. You want to know this because it can be a distraction to your potential customers. You learn how to better target your offer to customers.

>> Marketing Email and Newsletter Improvement Tips - Readers of your emails and newsletters will read more of your content and suggest ways that the communication can be improved and made more effective.

>> Business Analysis - Visitors will read more of your site's content and if they see a way that you can make more money, they will tell you.

>> Business Model Improvement Suggestions - What's better than having your customers tell you what they want? If a visitor sees an angle that your company is not pursuing or haven't considered, they can tell you about it.

>> Website Code Testing And Monitoring - Users spot and report where the code isn't working properly or could be better.

>> Website Flow Assessment - Users tell you where they get bogged down on your website. Are your web pages and text written in such a way that it encourages readers to buy?

>> Instant Credibility - By showing your potential customers that you care enough to provide them the very best in content clarity, you gain their trust and loyalty.

>> Personal Mistake Trend Analysis - Identify the errors and mistakes that your content writer consistently make. This will allow you to determine your communication's weak points, while eliminating and avoiding such errors in future communications.

>> Website Analysis - See your site through the eyes of your customers.

Notice: We're new but growing every day as more and more online shoppers hear about us. We anticipate millions of page views as millions of individual hunters join and make a regular part of their online experience. Our prices are low now. Get in now and you can lock in these low rates for the bounty listings. But you have to start NOW!

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