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The Typo Bounty Movement™ (?) is growing!

Texting is affecting the way people write online. When you enlist as an Error Hunter on, you get paid as you compete on the frontlines of the battle to create and maintain an error-free, professional side of the Internet. The pay is good, the battle is huge, and all of cyberspace needs your help. Don't need the cash? You can donate the money directly to your favorite charity as a TypoDonation! Learn More

Here's the game. Find typos or other errors on websites and you have a chance to earn over $2.00 for each one. Becoming a TypoBounty Hunter is simple! Simply create a FREE Hunter Account with us, download the TypoBounty "Error Hunting Toolbar", and start searching. With our toolbar, you can find, claim, refer, and report errors right from your desktop! Our goal is to hunt down website errors by the billions. Just take the money when you see the money is there to be grabbed or earn more as you search errors out. It's up to you! 

This is a great opportunity for you to contribute to the quality of the Internet and earn money and recognition for searching through our client's web properties and referring websites that you frequently visit anyway. This is called TBoofing™!

Opportunities to earn money with are all over the Internet. For Example: Using a popular search engine, we found the word "receive" was misspelled as "recieve" on 14,800,000 web pages. At the average payout of $2.00 per report, that's a potential $29,600,000 up for grabs and that is just one root word. You get the idea? (Refer a website and you get a 2 day head start claiming the money.) Use search engines to find websites with spelling and punctuation errors and refer them to us. Remember to claim the website and send the website owner an email referring them to us.

Use the money you earn as a TBoupon™ (our version of a coupon) to buy music, school supplies, pay bills, gas, snacks, products, groceries, entertainment or whatever you want!

Owners of websites listed on have decided to eliminate errors from their web properties. They have offered cash rewards/bounties for them.

Errors occur on websites when owners create, edit, modify, and update their web pages. Since they wrote it and know what they are trying to say, it is difficult for them to see the errors. If you find and report the errors first, you get paid! These sites seek to be error free.

Earning money on is simple.


Spot It - Be the first to notice the error on a listed or non-listed web page.

Claim It - You only claim websites if an error exists but the website is not listed on Claiming it proves that you saw the error and referred the website to first. Should the website begin advertising on within a month of your referring it, you will get a 2 day head start finding and reporting the errors before it is open to the public for error reporting. This is an excellent way to make the big cash!

Refer It - When a website has errors, but is not listed on, you can tell them about If the website begins advertising on within a month of your referral, you will receive a 2 day head start finding and reporting the errors before it is open to the public for error reporting.

Report It - Websites that are listed on want their errors eliminated. Use the report feature in either the toolbar or your free hunter account to notify the website owner that you have located an error. This is the only time that you should tell them what the error is.

Earn Money For It - If the reported error is valid (meaning proper type requested, not an intended deviation from textual norms, i.e. correct) the website owner pays the specified bounty amount to you.

You only have to "Claim" and "Refer" a website with errors if the website is not currently advertising on If they are already advertising here, just "Spot" errors and "Report" them to earn money.

Review the sites that are listed with us and search for the types of errors that they have indicated they will pay bounties to eliminate. You can also look on non-listed websites that you visit during your daily web surfing. If you notice an error on a website that is not currently advertising with us, all you have to do is remember to claim the website's domain name (FIRST) using the claim button on the TypoBounty Toolbar. This will log the website URL in your FREE TypoBounty Hunter Account. Then refer them to using the ready-prepared email on the TypoBounty toolbar. If no one has claimed the domain first and the owner of the website begins advertising with us within 1 month of your referring them, you will receive an email notification that the site has begun advertising with us. The website's reporting feature will then be locked for 2 days, allowing only you to make the money by reporting errors found on that site. After your two day head start has expired, the site reporting feature will be opened to the public. Climb the TypoBounty Hunter ranks from an Amateur to a Sniper as you earn.

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Please, help us help you. Tell your friends and family about this opportunity to earn online. The more people hunting, the more opportunities there will be for everyone. More and more sites with errors will be added to the list of web properties seeking help. We even provide you a ready prepared email to send to your email list. Click Here To Tell All Of Your Friends About This!


What are our clients looking for help with? Read the icon descriptions below to learn

ICON Definitions

A Bull's Eye beside a listing means that the website has hidden an intentional error somewhere on the site that they will pay you for if found. This feature is a great way for them to increase traffic to their site as it basically makes their site a treasure hunt by ensuring the searcher that there is something there to find.

A Lock beside a listing means that the listing is there because someone referred them to us and that the referrer has the right to 2 days of scouring the site for the errors that the website has indicated that they are willing to pay for. Only the report feature is locked. After two days, the error report feature is open to the public. The public can still review the site and have their findings ready for after the two day report lock out. They may get a few that the referrer missed. They will check the latest findings before submitting their own.

A Smiley Face beside a listing means that the website owner is in good standing and pays promptly.

A Frown Face beside a listing means that the website owner does not pay promptly for valid help.

MS, T, G, L, P, S, B, MG, ? or any combination of the letters beside the listing indicates the type of website error that they are willing to pay for, if found by a member of our site. MS=Misspelled Word, T=Typo, G=Grammar, L=Link, P=Punctuation, S =Suggestions, B=Bugs, MG=Missing Graphics, ? = Doesn't Make Sense.

Affiliate Program Suggestion - If the website owner's site could be enhanced by participating in a particular affiliate program suggest it.

Banner Ad Suggestion - If a particular banner ad design, slogan, angle, would enhance the website owner's advertising results, suggest it.

Business Network Tip - If a particular website's business would be enhanced by networking with another business or website, suggest it.

Design Suggestion - If a website could benefit by changing the design of a particular section or a particular page, suggest it. Be specific.

Suggest a Code Change - If a particular website has a code that just isn't doing what it should or could be greatly enhanced by changing the coding, suggest it.

Search Engine Marketing - A suggestion for ways to draw attention using search engine marketing i.e. Hot search engine keyword advertising that has few or no advertisers exploiting it, relevant to their particular business.(keyword analyzing software can help find these).

Search Engine Optimization - A suggestion that will help the website appear higher in search results of search engines.

Suggest a Keyword or Key Phrase - People use keywords and key phrases to search for things using search engines. If you can find a popular a keyword relevant to the website that is not currently being used in the website's text or meta tags, suggest it.

Suggest a Link - If a website would be able to provide better service to its core users by placing a link to a resource or anything else that enhances the ability of the owner's website to provide for its users, suggest it.

Valuable Industry Tip - If you know of an industry related piece of information that the website owner could exploit to gain either more sells, or more exposure, suggest it.

Website Flow Suggestion - If a website could benefit from a more effective arranging of the content, page sequence, link position or instructions suggest it.

Positive Blog Post - Post a positive comment about the website on blogs that are relevant to the website's business.

Positive Comment Post - When news reports allow for comments, post positive comments to relevant stories. The comment must be written in light of he story and seem to belong there. So, think of a spin before you write.

Positive Forum Post - Post a positive comment about the website on forums that are relevant to the website's business. The forum must be relevant to the website's business.

Suggest Needed Info -Suggest information that the website should have to enhance its offering.

Suggest A Page/Section - Suggest a page or section that the website should have in order to enhance its offering.

Viral Video Post - The website owner offers a reward to users that create innovative, funny, clever, or interesting videos and post them to free video sharing websites. The video has to have a hook to get viewers to want to watch it and forward it to others.

The Latest Findings Button beside a listing lets the user browse the latest errors that have already been found on the site. This allows them to avoid wasting time and effort reporting something that they will not get paid for. Only the first person to report it gets paid.

Monthly Limit Reached - The circle with a line through it indicates that a bounty has reached the limit of payouts. Advertisers may set a maximum number of time that they are willing to pay for errors found that month. There is a minimum requirement of two payments per month.

Pending Report Limit Reached - So advertisers don't get overwhelmed with reported errors they may set a limit on how many error reports they receive at once. If the number of unanswered reports reaches this limit no other errors are allowed to be reported until the advertiser responds to the reports they have received.

Indicates where the advertising website wants hunters to look for errors: single Page, single Directory or entire Website.

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