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The Cost


What is Mediaudience™

Mediaudience™ is a program that encourages the media and their audience to engage with one another on a much deeper level.

The Mediaudience™ program is now live. Mediaudience™ is the FREE service provided by TypoBounty.com to news organizations seeking to grow revenue. Mediaudience™ is the next step in media, social media and reader engagement. It presents its most powerful opportunity to early adopters.

Who's First?

Well-written content is important to readers. Standing behind one's content quality has become necessary and that creates a huge opportunity for an online news market share shake up. The first online newspapers will have tremendous advantages over competitors.

The question is, which online news organization will be first in their area and gain the right to declare to the world their commitment to cutting edge of news delivery.

Why Should Your Organization Be The First?

Because increasing a paper's earnings to its highest possible level is the goal of every marketing professional in the industry. Remember, when email first came out? There was a rush of people signing up for the paid services these organizations provided. Then the "me too" providers came along but those that were ready in the beginning saw the most growth.

Being first affords your online news source the ability to draw and keep a lot more website traffic while spending less money and making more of it.

Benefits of Free Mediaudience™ Membership
  • Improved Content Quality
  • Increased Credibility
  • Increased Market Share
  • Increased Reader Loyalty
  • Exponential Increase in Page Views
  • Increased Visitor Stay Times
  • Heightened Visitor Attention Levels
  • Huge Public Relations Win
  • Unprecedented Buzz Online
  • Increased Advertising Sales
  • Higher Appeal To College Level and Young News Readers
  • Increase Subscriptions, Registrations and Sign Ups
  • Save journalist jobs
The Impact of Not Being First

Did your news organization try to hold on to the old way of delivering news as the internet gained steam? If so, you are keenly aware of the cost of waiting. Waiting can cost your organization in lost traffic, market share and a decline in revenue.

Remember, news is only news once. Getting readers to read news on your site first has now become essential.

When readers read stories at one location, they aren't incentivized to read the same story at another location.

What's the impact of this? It means, your reader's tendency to read 7 - 10 articles per day has the potential to drop to 1 article per day because they read the news somewhere else first, or simply because they have use up limited time of reading news for the day. They have other stuff to do. If they spend it all on other news sites, you lose the market share game. Mediaudience™ causes news readers to want to come to your offerings first.

What Does Mediaudience™ Provide?

Mediaudience™ provides you an FREE and EASY means of incorporating this news organization saving program to your news delivery business.


Newspapers can apply Mediaudience™ to specific articles or the entire news publication.

Mediaudience™ by TypoBounty.com is Free to news organizations and scalable. Key features include:

1. A centralized, organized, feature rich, interface for compelling reader attraction

2. Easy-to-use, User interface with established rules for readers when reporting errors.

3. Duplicate report prevention

4. Fast and easy emailed report notification and report handling

5. Built-in report transparency

6. Built-in incentive for readers to provide quality reports

7. Fast invalid report handling

8. Downloadable Error-Reporting toolbar and mobile app for readers. They don't have to leave the participating news site in order to submit reports.

9. Mistake Tracking - See where you are improving through charts and graphs.

10. Payout Tracking - Track your payouts over time through charts and graphs.

We offer the opportunity to lead the industry to your news organization. Please contact

You Maintain Control

1. You create a free Mediaudience™ account on TypoBounty.com and setting your desired bounties for the types of writing errors you want identified.

2. You place a small snippet of code into your website that shows people that your news organization is participating. When installed, the code shows;

a. The cumulative amount of your payout over time. (This means every dollar that you pay out continues to work for your organization for life. As it is the rising of this number, however small, that makes people realize they are missing out and encourages them to read more pages. Every time you pay one person, you inspire thousands to read more, increasing page views. Remember, you only pay for errors one time. So, even though traffic grows greatly, the price never rises beyond your errors.

b. A link to an explanation page to educate your readers of your new and exciting commitment to quality.

c. The report date window that you are willing to address. Just in case, you don't want them reporting something on news article written 2 years ago. Or if you leave the opportunity open, it renews interest in older news articles as well. (Even More Page Views)

Which Newspaper Will Be First In Your State?
Is It Yours?