How to Exclude TypoBounty Toolbar From McAfee® Enterprise

Some virus scan software detects the TypoBounty Toolbar as Spyware and will attempt to remove certain key components of the toolbars software components. Components may include tbhelper.dll or other elements made by Softomate. If this were to occur please reinstall the toolbar and exclude the toolbar from the scan search. Please note there is NO spyware or malware associated with the TypoBounty Toolbar. Also known as the apartment rent toolbar, apply for a credit card toolbar, baby names it toolbar, car insurance toolbar, cell phone money toolbar, cheap-online-advertising, cheap airline tickets toolbar, cheap tickets toolbar, dating site toolbar, debt consolidation toolbar, discount shopping toolbar, fast food toolbar, free online game toolbar, gas money toolbar, money making toolbar, movie theater toolbar, pay off bills toolbar, purchase new car toolbar, real-estate-toolbar, school money toolbar, and student loan consolidation toolbar

Step 1:

Open the virus scan properties by right-clicking on the system tray icon and selecting On-Access Scan Properties...


Step 2:

Select All Process from the categories side bar
Select Detection tab
Click the Exclusions... button


Step 3:

Select Add...


Step 4:

Browse to the directory where you installed the toolbar
Check Also exclude subfolders
Click OK until all settings are saved and all property panels are closed.